Our Dogs


In our rescue, we are doing our best to helped and good care for them.
In our heart ,there is nothing either good and bad,no beauty and ugliness.
ONLY LOVE,loves speaks a language beyond boundaries. They are our angels. 

We will get back to you in 7~10 days via email (for Adult adoption), baby dog need more time.Please keep an eye on your email.
You can also read the success story of out Facebook about past dog adopters and their pups!
If you are interested in giving a permanent for a dog,
you should first complete ADOPTION APPLICATION FORM and wait patiently.
Thank you so much.

We hope we could answer to every requirement instantly, but the fact is we have hundreds of emails coming in every day and we are working overloaded. We have to deal with the applications with a formal submission of this particular online application forms in priority. Thanks for your understanding.


Adoption process starts with the submission of the online application but it is not the confirmation yet.You can withdraw the application anytime before the finalization. 

Thanks for applying to adopt our rescue fur baby.Your kindness and enthusiasm are precious to us. It was really hard to make a choice among hundreds of excellent applicant families. We're very sorry to disappoint most of you about all "Pending dogs", and they have a determined new home waiting for international flights arrange and waiting for them now. They are no longer available, please check our other available dogs, However we're putting on more dogs for adoption that are all cute and sweet, please feel free to follow us anytime,if you are interested in any of them, we'd be glad to give priority to you to become their new mommy or daddy.Thanks again for your support and understanding.

@ Fill out the application : http://www.lovefsir.org/application.php

@ Home check photo/videos (indoor/outdoor) email to : fsirdog@gmail.com

@ Our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lovefsir/

@ Our rescue dogs can be adopted to  

      ---- Canada area

      ---- Los Angeles area

      ---- San Francisco area 

      ---- Seattle area

      ---- New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Boston area

      ---- Other city





10 months old

Neutered, Male

Terrier Mixed


1 year old


Sheperd/FMD Mixed


1~1.5 years old

Spayed, Female

Sheperd/FMD Mixed

Astor (Pending)

1~1.5 years old


Formosan mountain Dog

Emily (Pending)

2 years old

Spayed, Female

Pomeranian Mixed

NiNi (Pending)

6 months old


Lab/FMD Mixed

Tiara (Pending)

2 years old


Mixed Breed

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